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  • What is the Stainless steel hand truck?

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-16 19:36:32

    Stainless steel hand truck is a kind of relying mainly on human power, are generally not motivating small level on road transport goods carrying vehicles. The bearing capacity of the trolley generally below 500 kg. Its characteristic is light and flexible, easy to operate, small turning radius, is short distance transport of smaller, lighter items a convenient and economical means of transportation, widely used in warehouse, logistics, freight station, etc.
    Due to the delivery of goods types, nature, weight, shape, and so on the different road conditions, the structure of the stainless steel trolley is also a variety of forms. Trolley is push armrest carriage, depending on the handle, can be divided into the single handle and double handle, calm baffle handle, fixed first handle type and fold the handle type, etc.; According to different layers, can be divided into single, double and three layer; According to difference of car ChengBu, can be divided into flat type and back rack bottom type. The trolley should be selected according to the shape and properties of the goods.


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