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  • Corrosion of stainless steel screws skills

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-16 19:43:06
    Stainless steel screw is made by metal, and metal corrosion method mainly has four aspects, namely the nature of the material itself, the use of environment, data and environment of the interface, and improve the design of metal structures, if manufactured complete corrosion resistant alloy to stainless steel screws, unless you have special requirements, otherwise the concept of the economy, it is not really interstate or screw appearance corrosion environment factor is the complete isolation, also does not work in practice, can be very difficult. Metal structure design can be improved in certain situation and to improve the effects of special circumstances, but most of the stainless steel screw design can not fully correct, and its maintenance action is not for rendering, so it couldn't handle basic problem, as long as the corrosion on the interface, i.e. appearance anti-corrosive treatment is currently the most widely used method.
    Stainless steel screw appearance anticorrosive treatment refers to the use of various method applied in the metal appearance maintenance layer, its effect is the metal from the corrosive environment, to reduce the corrosion process, or reduce corrosive medium in contact with the metal surface, in order to avoid or reduce the purpose of the corrosion.
    Maintaining layer should be able to agree with the following request:
    1, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high hardness,
    2, structure tight, sound, small pore.
    3, separating from the matrix metal solid, good cohesive force.
    4, the average spread and has a certain thickness.
    Maintaining layer is usually divided into two categories, metal coating and non-metallic coating, metal coating is with stronger corrosion resistance of metals or alloys in easy to corrosion of metal appearance constitute maintenance layer, the coating and coating. Produce metal coating method and quite a few varieties, one of the most common is the electroplating method, followed by the molten metal dip process (hot dip plating) appearance and chemical treatment. Non-metallic coating is refers to the use of organic polymer materials such as paints, and inorganic materials such as ceramics, the metal equipment or parts constitute the maintaining layer on the surface, the maintaining layer to substrate metal full isolation medium with the environment, avoid the matrix metal because of contact corrosion medium in stainless steel standard parts and form corrosion.
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