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  • Chinese stainless steel water tank suffered by the high "double reverse" from USA

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-16 19:46:46
    The margin of tax according to the ministry of commerce ruled in February this year, the United States will be on Chinese stainless steel water trough of 27.14% ~ 27.14% anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties of 4.80% ~ 12.26%. The sanctions would province guangdong impact on China's exports, but the stainless steel water trough of strengthening internal and external balance, expected effect not very obvious.
    The U.S. international trade commission (ITC) has made a final determination, decided that China's imports of kitchen utensils and stainless steel control sink to American relevant industry caused "material damage", on the basis of the United States will impose anti-subsidy and anti-dumping to China products "double reverse" tariffs.
    According to the ITC report, six members agreed to make the decision. Due to the U.S. department of commerce (DOC) had established in Chinese exports to the United States of stainless steel sinks are dumping and subsidies, according to the procedure, the Commerce Department can now ask the customs for the "double reverse" tariffs on these products.
    The margin of tax according to the ministry of commerce ruled in February this year, the United States will be on Chinese stainless steel water trough of 27.14% ~ 27.14% anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties of 4.80% ~ 12.26%.
    International commercial daily reporter learned that the sanctions would impact of export big province of guangdong in China, products related to the amount more than $80 million. But the personage inside course of study thinks, balance is strengthening of stainless steel water trough industry at home and abroad, trade friction brings to the enterprise operation instability will be eased to some extent.
    "Double reverse"
    Stainless steel control sink is one of indispensable tool in modern kitchen, the domestic many enterprises involved in the product, and has exports to the us business. The Commerce Department statistics show that in 2011, the Chinese related products to the United States exports about $118 million, compared with 2009 increased by about seventy percent.
    The Commerce Department of China stainless steel water trough of the "double reverse" survey began in the United States Illinois hutch defends manufacturer in el kay (Elkay) manufacturing company filed a complaint last March 1. The company claims, China the United States of such products exist dumping and subsidies, dumping margin of 22.81% ~ 76.53%, the subsidy rate is higher than the minimum allowed standard.
    22, during the month, the Commerce Department started to China stainless steel water trough products "double reverse" survey, and makes the final on February 20 this year, Chinese imports of the products involved in the existence of dumping and subsidies, dumping margin of 27.14% ~ 76.53%, the subsidies at a rate of 4.80% ~ 12.26%.
    Now the ITC positive final also means that the Commerce Department will be issued on April 12 to anti-dumping and countervailing duties.
    Guangdong enterprises bigger impact
    "The case is guangdong product first encounter the" double reverse "survey in 2012, had a great influence on guangdong." One industry source for international business newspaper reporters.
    The personage points out, in 2011 export value of $115 million United States related products in China, including guangdong exported $80.146 million, which accounts for 69.7% of the total amount of exports; Guangdong enterprises involved up to 364.
    In addition, these exports large enterprises are mainly concentrated in guangdong province foshan, shunde, jiangmen region, the United States ruled that the high "double reverse" tax would cause significant damage to exports from related companies to the region, thus affecting the guangdong key city foreign trade exports.
    Since this year, guangdong export growth to maintain good posture. According to the ministry of commerce statistics, 1 ~ 2 month, guangdong export growth of 32.4%, continue to export the first big province.
    Internal and external balance buffer shock
    Chai Bin, editor-in-chief of "my steel net" stainless steel industry to international business newspaper reporters, and stainless steel wire drawing sink before export, along with the speeding up of urbanization in our country, in recent years, the digestive ability of the domestic market for such products. After the financial crisis, many companies to develop domestic market, no longer simply pursuit of the "one-sided" of the international market. As a result, "balance to the enhancement of industry development at home and abroad, help enterprise to resist from the turbulence of the international market".
    , according to "my steel net" by the end of 2012, per capita consumption of stainless steel, including public places has been in 7 kg/person, equivalent to the level of developed countries.
    After the Commerce Department announced the "double reverse" measures, the Chinese companies involved said that they will be taking the market focus to developing countries, not completely give up the U.S. market at the same time, will in future try to change the product process, different products research and development, efforts to break down, avoid the impact of "double reverse" measures.
    Frequently waving the big stick of "trade for the United States," the Chinese side emphasized for many times, not only to the other countries' unfair trade protectionism, the domestic enterprises also is not good, hope the United States do not regard seemingly grandiose but with a strong political background of the measures to implement trade protectionism, and should abide by the commitment to oppose trade protectionism, in a more rational way to properly handle trade frictions.
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