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  • The introduction of stainless steel

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-16 19:53:27
    Stainless steel is a very commonly used in stainless steel products, is very general in the stainless steel material, so in some cases, also will rust.
    Stainless steel points many varieties, deal with different environments, so that the same environment, different material, the use of the effect is also different, so how to choose stainless steel, and reduce the production cost of enterprises, have guaranteed product quality and using effect is a very important thing. The stand or fall of stainless steel option basically is to see whether products corrosion resistance.
    Stainless steel will rust?
    Different stainless steel, the above said, life is not the same when used under the same environment, which is resistant to corrosion is not the same as the length of time, the stainless steel material, when companies choose materials, acid and alkali environment, and high temperature environment will be rust. Effect and ordinary steel is the same, so to speak.
    Another problem is the material itself, at the time of purchase, if the enterprise use potions validation of 201 stainless steel material, but potions detection not to come out is 200 or 201 rolling material. When using the effect will be greatly discounted.
    Stainless steel corrosion resistant performance are mainly are mainly stainless steel plate and stainless steel pipe both common category, of course, also have round steel, valves, pipe fittings and so on in 201 is also a lot of material.
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