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  • The development of cold rolled stainless steel strip production technology

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-17 10:37:17
    In stainless steel production technology, particularly AOD refining outside the furnace, continuous casting and wide multi-roll cold rolling mill, on the basis of thin slab continuous casting and rolling mill, steel strip continuous casting, hot metal smelting and rolling stainless steel annealing pickling continuous production line for stainless steel production at the forefront of new technologies such as the substantial progress.
    Production technology in order to cope with the market competition is the development of raise new requirements for stainless steel products, the new requirements not only in the surface of the steel grade, specification, performance, and features, and constantly improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs. The rapid growth of the stainless steel production will inevitably impact on raw material market, bring nickel prices and scrap steel, iron ore and coal prices continue to rise, make the stainless steel producers are increasingly feeling the pinch of higher costs, production of stainless steel is more and more small profits. This will force the world stainless steel manufacturers strongly integrated productivity, on the basis of continuously developing new techniques, new technologies, the development of high production capacity of equipment, in order to achieve improvements in the quality of products at the same time, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, enhance product market competitiveness.
    Cold rolled stainless steel strip production occupies an important position in stainless steel production. About 70% of the stainless steel into cold rolled steel strip, become the main products of market consumption. According to the current traditional craft route, from hot rolled stainless steel strip to cold-rolled stainless steel finished product production cost is roughly 360 euros/t, the cold rolling process cost accounting for the main part, especially with 20 rolls reversing mill production, cold-rolled costs half, roughly 180 euros ($/ t. Therefore, vigorously develop, stainless steel cold-rolled production new techniques, new technologies to improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products in the market is very important.
    Introduction, this article through to the traditional process, emphatically analyzes the annealing pickling line of rolling (5 independent about the cold rolled stainless steel process - coil preparation, hot rolled steel strip annealing and pickling line, cold rolling, cold rolling steel strip annealing and pickling line peace consolidation and into a straight line) and independent cold rolling process route (i.e. set the single stand cold rolling mill, the configuration of hot rolling steel strip annealing and pickling line, roll configuration with comprehensive finishing equipment, such as flat, stretching, trimming and inspection of cold rolled steel strip annealing and pickling line). Should adopt what kind of technology depends on the specific conditions of each stainless steel manufacturers. But, towards high capacity and high surface quality, the direction of large-scale, continuous development, is the stainless steel plant, and equipment manufacturers work together to development direction.
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