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  • Characteristics and design points of heavy-duty storage shelves

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-17 10:39:12
    Heavy-duty storage shelves design is the key technology of racking system, its force analysis and calculation is the key point of this technology. Its design basis mainly from the following aspects:
    1. The stress of constant load, constant load refers to the shelf itself structure dead weight, connection and room rack, purlin, room C payments, the weight of the roof panel, wall panel.
    2. Force live load, live load refers to put the goods on the shelves and the weight of the pallet, also involved in roof of snow (rain).
    3. The vertical impact loads: refers to the stacker to store the goods which is caused by impact load.
    4. The wind load, is central to the integral stress calculation of stereoscopic warehouse. Investors in general, the integral three-dimensional storage is reasonable and effective use of space, so the height of the monolithic stereoscopic warehouse is higher, general aspect ratio: L = 1.5 (level) - 2 w (width), so that the safety of the warehouse under the action of wind load is an important indicator. On the impact of wind load on shelves pillar of generally calculate the steel structure by calculating software to complete, at the same time to using force simulation and theoretical calculation of the system to check.
    5. Seismic LieDu: press GBJ11-89 "code for seismic design of buildings, generally take seismic LieDu fortification level to level 7. Shelf structure should be designed according to the above the most disadvantageous load effect combination. When designing integral three-dimensional storage shelves structure, especially pay attention to the following two the most unfavorable load combination: wind load effect of the stress of the whole state under no-load; Force under horizontal seismic action when the library is full.
    In addition, heavy shelves state should fully give consideration to warehouse the goods distribution, the warehouse side load, on the other side of light condition, the force analysis of foundation in the warehouse. Although there is a warehouse the goods store distribution theory; Though using the instructions in the warehouse have the goods in the warehouse of the deposit distribution as uniform as possible, but we have to consider when designing calculation may be the worst. Shelf type selection is also integral automatic warehouse is the key problem. According to its structure is divided into integral welding shelves and assembly type shelf. According to the provisions of the standard packaged shelves pillar maximum vertical deviation is not thrown Yu Quangao 1/120, while the library rack one monolithic shelves column vertical deviation may not be big Yu Quangao 1/1000, vertical absolute deviation shall not be greater than 10 mm, so it can be seen that monolithic fabrication and installation precision of the shelves shelves higher than combination. Integrated automatic warehouse shelf type choice mainly depends on a variety of load calculation, depending on the warehouse installation dimensions. Because the packaged shelves in installation has greater uncertainty, so on the design of the integrated warehouse often USES is monolithic welding shelves. Monolithic welding shelves pillar type selection and square tube, rectangular tube, channel steel and other materials, according to the properties of the material itself and measure, choose GuanWeiJia. For higher warehouse, choose the post performance of variable cross-section and the wall thickness is differ is also common. Beijing heavy shelves monolithic welding welding needs to be done on the tooling, tooling to validate, shelves after enter the scene, also want to assembly on the tooling, to ensure that all kinds of precision. Shelf quality influence the safety of the storage system. Only for shelf design, manufacture, installation, after-sales service, strictly the quality pass, to ensure customer security and practicability of the storage system.
    In recent years, domestic storage and safety accidents occurred from time to time, partly because of product quality and shelf installation failed to meet standards. At present, the commonly used on shelves design standards mainly have: the CECS
    23-9 run zero China engineering construction standardization association standard steel shelves structure design specification ", "JB/T 5323-91 welded steel structure stereoscopic warehouse shelves technical conditions", "JB/T9018-1999
    Rail roadway type high-rise warehouse shelves design specification ", the FEM 9.831 eu standard rail tolerance of elevated warehouse stacker crane design standard, deformation and clearance ", "FEM10.2.02 eu standards
    Tray with the static steel shelves design ", "ANSI/MH10.21984 industrial and commercial use steel shelves use safety standard American standard", "MH16.1-2004 national standard industrial storage steel racks" specification for design, test and application, etc.
    Shelf manufacturing enterprises to adopt the standard is different, heavy shelves, facing so many standard user in the shelves will be confused about what to do when the choice. The author thinks, the enterprise when carries on the shelf design and production, strictly implement the national standards, international standards, and shelves in the design, manufacture, installation and service aspects such as attention to detail management, in order to improve the safety of the racking system and practical.
    Shelf design
    In shelf design process, should follow the following principles: considering the heavy shelves cargo weight distribution caused by the deformation, or stacker forklift movement caused by transverse momentum, seismic intensity fortification; Between goods, goods with shelves and keep a safe distance between goods and fire pipeline, set aside fire spray in space; Selects the high quality steel, surface rust and decorative treatment, on the premise of ensure shelves use performance, try to reduce the project cost.
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