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  • Common kinds of storage shelves inside the warehouse

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-17 10:45:01
    Classification of different types of common storage shelves inside the warehouse:
    1, automatic warehouse shelves (suitable for large-scale storage of goods of high efficient automatic warehouse) attic shelves (suitable for light and small goods, manual access, large storage capacity, save lot of land resources for the company, is mainly used for the goods is zero, small clients such as warehouses.
    2, pallet rack (bearing 1000 kg to 3000 kg for all walks of life the warehouse logistics, pallet for forklift truck operation); The direction of the outbound goods and requirements.
    3, light storage shelves (bearing 10-100 kg for clothing, electronics, and other industrial warehouses); The size of the pallet and the size of the goods (wide deep D * W * H).
    4 type, amount of storage shelves (bearing 150-300 kg for the pharmaceutical, electronics and other demanding industry workshop, warehouse); A forklift available clear height hoisting height and warehouse
    . 5, heavy shelves (bearing 500-1000 kg for general industry, general machinery and other industrial warehouses artificial pickup); Select other types of shelves forklift model or parameter, including mobile, narrow roadway shelves, pressure type, smoked pull type (mould) and other special type (our company can according to customer requirements, to design and manufacture non-standard products) the plane size of the storage reservoir.
    6, cantilever racking, suitable for long, the ring material, as well as the long strip shape material storage); Entry direction of storage shelves forklift access goods
    7, the sliding type shelf (suitable for production assembly line and the circulation and the conveyor line of flexible coupling); Beams and columns using plug type combination, easy handling; Safety pin, every file, spats etc accessories, ensure safety and reliability.
    8, existent shelves (through type shelf, suitable for storing large quantities of goods, goods are single goods); Beam shelf: it is the most widely used shelves, complete specifications, host range, suitable for all kinds of warehouse, can make full use of space, use a forklift to access goods.
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