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    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-3-13 10:24:41

    Available in the power plant will be many places with shelves, warehouse shelves the plant internal (shelf), are used to store and store spare parts, and it can be said that a warehouse shelf design experience are inseparable from the shelf producers. The power plant shelves Unlike general warehouse shelves, heavy shelf and second shelf is the most widely used type of power plant shelves. The mostly irregular items of the items stored in the power plant shelves, fittings, valves, such as the weight of emphasis. Similar power plant shelves and coal mines shelf, commonly used sizes is long 1800 * width 600 * high 2000mm power plant shelf uprights 55 * 47 * 2.0mm power plant shelf beams P60 * 40 * 1.5mm, all shelf sizes are based on the inside dimensions of the power plant kitchen design and installation.

    Power plant shelf design principle

    The basic design principle is considered under Item length, width, height shelf type and shelves size. The most widely used sub-heavy shelves, shelves in more general use in the power plant workshop and power plant warehouse each of the layers of the shelf beam uniform load requirements 300kg / layer, each shelf layers approximately 4 layer or 5 layers.

    Surface treatment of the power plant shelves

    Power plant shelves still go through several process of pickling, phosphating, spray, and most shelf surface spray. Power plant shelf packaging method is not complicated, and is generally used cartons or cardboard packaging. Power plant shelves light gray, orange, navy blue color. Each shelf color are actual needs based on user selection.

    Power plant shelves installed

    Power plant shelf installation method is very simple, not like a huge shelf needs to be shelf pillar and ground through the expansion bolted. Power plant shelf height usually within 3 meters, so the bottom of stud feet directly with the ground flat on it.

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