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  • Auto supplies shelf profiles and characteristics

    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2013-5-17 10:41:01
    Auto supplies shelf profiles
    Shelf is mainly used in automotive supplies automotive supplies shop auto parts, not only convenient to find the accessories, can also be used to plant the goods finish. According to characteristics of auto supply store and warehouse height, area, most use attic shelves and medium-sized shelves; In addition according to the special shape and deposit form part of auto parts, designs the special shelves, suitable to the storage of spare parts storage security and reliable.
    Auto supplies shelves
    1, the composite structure (attic shelves + medium shelf), spare parts for the auto industry characteristics and deposit form;
    2, good appearance; According to automobile CI logo requirements, shelf surface can configure different colour;
    3, the design is suitable for the storage of professional auto supplies store shelves: including small, in a frame, large JiZi frame, glass frame, door frame, tire rack, pendant, shock absorber, muffler, oil, bumpers, etc.;
    4, with strong professional: auto supplies shelves according to the structure design of auto accessories shelf, such as placing tires tire rack, is placed car windshield glass shelves, placed the exhaust pipe of exhaust pipe rack, etc.;
    5, a small number of auto supply store shelves in the form of medium-sized shelves, in most cases is highly limited or in shop warehouse shelves design standard requirements under the condition of use;
    6, most of the auto supply store shelves in the form of attic shelves, compared with general attic shelves, auto supply store shelves of the sort is more, the structure is more complex.
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