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    Posted by:Qingdao Zhilong  Time:2015-6-25 15:36:55

    TBR refers to RADIAL TYRES for vehicles like trucks and buses. The sizes commonly used vary from market from market, like 12.00R22.5 most popular in China, 11R22.5 in Australia, Canada and America, 295/80R22.5 in Brazil, etc.

    How to store these heavy and big but highly marketable tyres?
    It counts as a tough headache for most importers and distributors of TBR tyres.

    ZEAL-LINE collapsible/foldable and stackable/nestable TBR racks can be the perfect solution.

    Max stack of TBR racks can be 5 unit high, so the upper space of your warehouse won't be paid for air.
    Please contact us at for more details.

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